Premiere: El_Txef_A – Mugarrirantz Feat Napoka Iria (Dave Dk Remix)


The island of Mugarrirantz sat perched above the bright blue water. The waves rolled softly against it's golden sandy beaches and the glimmer of green palm trees shone under the light of the startling sunlight. A boat approached in the morning breeze, the white sails floating dreamily as it rode above the waves. A beautiful woman stood on the pier awaiting the return of her man, he had been gone for so so long but finally he was now home at last. 

Back in 2014 El_Txef_A released an album for Fiakun titled "We Walked Home Together". Since then there has been several remixed versions of tracks from the album with artists such as The Black Madonna, Lake People and more. The latest EP features remixes from Damian Schwartz, Reinhard Voigt and Dave DK. Listen to the Dave DK mix below:

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