Premiere: Ehimm – Golden Days (feat. Tizi)


The water was still as onlookers sat upon the river bank bathing in the rays which beamed down from up on high. These were golden days, the special times in which good times were shared and moments cherished between close friends. Watching out from a canal boat was a lonely figure, he sat perched upon the wooden frame and glanced outwards at the people of the city. He was not from around here, simply a traveller passing through upon quiet waters. They knew little of his life or his travels yet here he was the focus of attention as his boat meandered between the passageways of the East. Soon he would be gone. 

Light of Other Days are set to release the final EP in a series of releases from Ehimm, "Golden Days" wraps up the trilogy. A sun kissed affair with hints of a balearic summer. Hazy vibes for late afternoons and quiet moments. 

Listen below: