Premiere: Edit Select – Loop Continue (Dino Sabatini Remix)


Circling and rotating, freely and endlessly, the loop grew and morphed, absorbing all in its surroundings. Engulfing and devouring the very matter of each being, it drew its infinite strength from the unique strands of all lifeforms. Parasitic, it manipulated it's preys DNA, increasing it's own invincibility, the loop's qi charged and it's life eternal.

Berlin based Dreiklang Records second release features Scottish techno veteran Tony Scott aka Edit Select. His original DJ tool production gets a dreamy, broken-beat makeover by Dino Sabatini, with stuttering percussion, infinitely morphing circular chords and abstracted pads.

Edit Select – Loop Continue is released vinyl only by Dreiklang on 14th June 2016 and can be pre-ordered HERE.

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