Premiere: Echaskech – Gothic Tones


Tonight she’d been left in the house alone; everybody else seemingly had prior engagements all on the same evening. Since moving in this was a situation she’d tried her utmost to avoid — it was the house’s sheer vastness; its creaking floorboards and draughty windows; and its doorways that rattled vigourously on blustery nights. Of which, coincidentally, this evening was… 

Electronic duo Echaskech return to their own imprint VLSI for their first long player, Invisible City. Marking their fourth album, with the other three coming via their regular home Just Music, the 8 tracks across it are composed of a series of recent live performances which have been tweaked, polished and improvised. Sonically it’s their most dance-floor focused release yet, merging pounding atmospheric techno with elements of electro, rave, acid and DnB.