Premiere: Earth Trax & Newborn Jr. – Untitled B2


The lights flashed on suddenly inside the small basement, leaving dancers squinting underneath their glare. Signalling the end of the night, bodies swarmed towards the exit, making their way out into the street and into the early morning light. Huddling together, in hushed tones they began discussing their next movements, the night wouldn’t be ending here. 

Warsaw-based label Ziema, the Polish for Earth, began life in March last year with an EP from label bosses Bartosz Kruczyñski (Earth Trax), Adam Brocki and Jan Wójcicki (Private Press). A natural extension of their studio in the heart of the Polish capital, the label focuses on positioning itself between the ethereal and the club, with an Eastern European touch. For release number two, the three of them come together once again, capturing different flavours of the club, from raw DJ tools to deeper, ethereal grooves and uplifting pads layered over TR-808 drums.