Premiere: Eamon Harkin – Hope This Year


As the clouds slowly began to part and the sun started to rise the birds began to sing as they echoed in another new dawn. Perhaps this was what the world had been waiting for? A chance to start afresh and renew the senses which had been burdened and blinded by a cloak of darkness for far too long. There was hope this year, a chance for change. That was all they had left to cling on to as they looked forward to better days to come, when the clouds might never return. 

Eamon Harkin is best known for his role as one half of New York based party purveyors and label Mister Saturday Night. Over the years he has also released material via the likes of Argot, Coastal Haze, Throne of Blood and Subway Series. Now he is set to release a new EP via Oklahoma City based record label Fixed Rhythms. A positive EP showcasing his broad appreciation for house music and people. 

Listen below: