Premiere: E00 – X-71 Odyssey


The rocket whizzed through space with pace and promise, for it was headed into the galaxies beyond the realm of our imagination. What danced out there between the stars was anyones guess – alien life and beautiful new friends, strange creatures and deep black holes which might never end. X-71 was outbound on an odyssey which might last a lifetime and beyond – who knew where they would land and if they might ever return to planet earth? As the clouds roared past the shuddering glass and the fires of a thousand rockets roared beneath them, they each held onto one another and dreamt of space. 

E00 aka Eva 00 is set to release a new EP in what will be the first release for the recently founded Paradygme Records. The record is a mixture of club focussed house and techno which draws upon euphoric hints of trance and sounds from outer space. 

Listen below: