Premiere: E00 – Peace & Tranquility


A place of peace had become nigh on impossible to find; there was too much chaos around and not enough time to spare. A moment for oneself had become a rarity, falling through the gaps between flurrys of emails and expanding workloads, clouded by relentless tasks and daily expectations. But it was a necessity — a moment of tranquility had to be the priority, self-care had to come first.

Berlin party, collective and label Radiant Love are seeing out a year we’re all happy to see the back of with a release from Parisian DJ and producer E00, titled Peace & Tranquility. His hazy, dreamy output brings some lightness to the end of a dark year, helping us over the final hurdle and in to 2021. Across the four tracks, lush pads and airy atmospheres are married with rolling drum patterns and crisp percussion that meander through tempos but keep us floating in the air.