Premiere: D.Y.A – Cosy (Shan Daytime Mix)


The space was soft and warm, his head rested gently upon a delicate pillow and he let out a deep moving sigh. This was cosy, a place of rest in which to rebuild and reinstate himself within his own mind. Outside the rain battered against the window with an elegant flutter, it was peaceful and still. Cars could be heard moving quickly in the distance but he cared little for the rush of the busy world beyond the four walls. There was a dim lamp sat in the corner of the room which cast a dreamy glow toward the bed. He fell asleep…

D.Y.A is set to release a brand new EP on Foul & Sunk, a house laden affair with a deep distinctive groove. It also features remixes from Johannes Albert and Shan. The latter has an exclusive digital only version available through Bandcamp – the daytime mix. It's our favourite. Listen below: 

Visit the Foul & Sunk bandcamp HERE