Premiere: Du Du A – Voodoo Party


The vibrant neon lights of the discotheque lit up the sky's black canvas, welcoming party goers from all over through its gold plated doors. This place was the talk of the town, every weekend people flocked to dance their blues away and say farewell to the week. Only smiling faces littered the dance floor here, there wasn't any space for frowns or sombre moods. From dusk till dawn this place was their sanctuary, a party that felt like it would never end. A voodoo party.

Independent record label Discom's mission is to unearth and share forgotten gems from the former Yugoslavia with the world. Next up on their release schedule is an LP from Belgrade alt rock band Du Du A, charting some of their best tracks from 1984-1989. Formed in the early 80s in New York, the duo of Dejan Kostić and Zoran Zagorcic fuse elements of post-punk, new wave, reggae and funk, influences that all sing on Voodoo Party.