Premiere: Drugface – Wake Up Call (SIAUBAS Remix)


There was a loud ringing noise in the corner of the room, he awoke abruptly to the rumble and rattle of machinery. This was a wake up call and a speedy eviction would soon follow… Last night had saw them dine out in style upon the fact that they might not return to the old abandoned stomping ground. It had been a humble home to many a light night wanderer across the years and soon it would be little less than a pile of rubble, bricks and wiring. The den was no more. 

Drugface are the first to appear on a new imprint launched by Thomas Von Party of Multi Culti fame. Party Central will focus on the unpolished, the rugged, the raw and the real. This is an imprint for the music alone by the people who love it most. Listen to a remix of "Wake Up Call" by SIAUBAS below: 


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