Premiere: Dr Lektroluv – Belgiant (Lektroluv Records)


Over here at R$N Towers we're happy to endorse any kind of love – whether that be between a man and a woman, two people of the same gender or even someone that's got a bit of a penchant for machines. Yes, that's right, we're proud to say that we whole-heartedly support Electrolove. Why? Well, for starters, there are things that a machine can do for a person that would blow your mind all the way to the moon – these sort of feats are just not possible for another human being to accomplish. As far as we know, anyway.

So what would be the ideal soundtrack for a spell of electrolove? Well it goes without saying that Dr Lektroluv would have to be at the controls and we reckon his new track 'Belgiant' is the perfect thing to listen to as man and machine make something that the Westboro Baptist Church would probably not be the biggest fans of. So turn the lights down low and let the sounds of Dr Lektroluv set the mood;

Through The Night is out now via Lektroluv Records.