Premiere: Dothedu – Lost Acids


The mud was deep and the trenches were full with men who had begun to fight valiantly against the evil invaders. From outer space they had landed upon earth and were spreading havoc and terror upon a planet of innocent, vulnerable victims. They cast their lost acid on towards the weak and hoped to lure them upwards back to the blackened skies from which they'd come. The night was ominous and dark – nobody wanted to be at war let alone with the terrestrials from beyond the beyond. 

DOTHEDU is set to release his second EP on his own Senseverse imprint. Live acid cuts recorded in one take, no reworks and no added tweaks. Real live shit with vocals straight for the club. Listen below: 

Buy the EP HERE.  There will be a launch party at Ransom Note Records on the 9th of June, all welcome.