Premiere: Donald Dust – I’m Bobby Orlando (Local Artist Re-Rub)


He walked into the room and began to survey the scene. The bar was crowded and in the murky, dimly lit corners of the room sat crooners and girls perched by their sides with wavering stares and shallow eyes. Music played quietly through a fuzzy sound system and from time to time there was a loud crackle or pop as the needle skipped against the old vinyl. One couple danced softly to the soft jazz, they were out of time but it mattered little. Behind his dead black eyes was a world of pain and anger, he watched as they carried on with the meaningless insignificance. In his head the same train of thought repeated again and again…

"I'm Bobby Orlando…"

Whyte Numbers are set to release an EP from Edinburgh based producer Donald Dust, an intriguing oddball affair yet still with dancefloor focussed energy. Just as we like it. It also features a tidy re-rub from Local Artist of Mood Hut, Probito and Rhythm Section fame. 

Listen below: