Premiere: Dominik Marz & David Kochs – Strangers In Paradise


The night was awash with flickering stars and dancing light. Here they were trapped upon a small island gazing out towards the whispering ocean, two strangers in paradise. They were lost yet very much alive. There was a warmth to the air on what was a quiet, summer evening. Their sun kissed skin was as golden as the soft, delicate sand upon which they tread so wearily. They would both sleep weel that night, lost in the comfort of each others arms and gentle embrace. 

Dominik Marz appear on a new EP for Huntleys & Palmers sub label Belters, an imprint which has received firm support from a collective group of disc jockeys. We've been told that Ame have been playing this one out a lot, so some of you may recognise. Listen below: 

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