Premiere: Dombrance – Taubira (Josh Ludlow Extended Mix)

GRNGA07 Cover

A package of new remixes on NYC party and label Gouranga.

All eyes fixated on her as she entered the room; burning deep into her skin. She knew exactly what they were thinking; ‘who was this woman?’ and ‘surely she wasn’t meant to be here?’ It no longer bothered her, as she climbed up the ladder into positions of power, she knew it would only grew worse. It was difficult making it in a man’s world but she’d give it everything she had.

Before lockdown New York & London music platform Gouranga shared ‘Taubira’, an exclusive track from French DJ and producer Dombrance to mark his first show in the US, and the first of Gouranga’s Bowery Ballroom parties. The crew are now expanding their operations to share some of their favourite electronic music, which includes a package of remixes of the original cut. Tasked with adding their own signature touches are Slovenian producer Ichisan, Spain’s James Rod, cosmic mainstay Prins Thomas and one half of PVBLIC XCESS, Josh Ludlow, who delivers two stellar remixes: an extended version and an Italo rework.