Premiere: Doildoshi – The Last Dictator


She watched as her kingdom unravelled before her very eyes, perched in a temple up on the hill she looked down at the chaos and ruin which had run riot across this great country. She questioned herself from time to time, now was one such instance. Was it all worth it? Had it ever been truly fair? Was she simply acting under a false sense of pretension? She was the last dictator, a once noble figure now ruined by her own wicked greed. The fall of man was hers to bear…

Doil is set to release a new EP on More Rice, a fun dancefloor focussed EP from a South Korean producer on the rise. The record touches upon elements of classic house and italo and is neatly tied up with a remix from Klasse Wrecks boss Luca Lozano. 

Listen to a track called ‘The Last Dictator’ from the EP below: