Premiere: Dodi Palese – M109


Contrary to what the cropping of the image above this might suggest, Dodi Palese is indeed more than just a floating head and with his magical hands he's been able to piece together a corker of an EP that's set to drop very soon via his own Engrave Ltd label. Spirals will get your head in a spin as you delve into Dodi's world to venture upon pastures new. We got so excited that we were premiering the Italian aural bandit's track 'M109' that we even sent him a bunch of questions so that we could immerse ourselves in his world as if it were a bath full of goat's milk.

Dive in and enjoy;

Please introduce yourself:
Who are you, Where are you and What are you?

My name is Dodi Palese, I come from Salento, Italy. I’m a DJ, producer and label owner of What Ever Not and Engrave Ltd together with my big friends Dan Mela and Musumeci.

Describe your music without using the letter 'e'.


What makes music so special to you?

For sure the influences that music has on the human being, I think it is really a mystery. Everytime we listen to a song we have different reactions, a melody can make you sad, happy or make you cry… All the emotions in seven notes. Music goes straight to our hearts, it is stronger then words.

Somewhere I read a sentence I also really believe in: “Music is a powerful force for the well-being and good health“!

Tell us about Spirals – what's the EP all about?

It’s the musical result of an imaginary travel around some of the most known spiral Galaxies in our universe. To simulate the feeling I have installed a big movie screen in my studio and in a completely dark atmosphere I’ve been making music looking at the incredible images of these awesome places.

What's the coolest spiral you've ever seen?

The most impressive in this journey was for sure NGC 1365, also known as the Great Barred Spiral Galaxy.

Did you own a spirograph when you were younger? If not, what was your favourite childhood toy?

I use to love mini cars, my favorite was the police one. The best moment it was to throw this car into the fire to simulate the burning after a chase. Of course I was already in a Hollywood movies overload.

Have you ever been to a palace? What would be in your perfect palace?

I recently visited the Top Of The Rocks in New York, it was impressive. Where I live there are no buildings like that, I could not even look down. However, it is not for me, too big. I prefer more intimate places.

Who inspired you when you were younger? Who inspires you now?

I get the inspiration from many artists, from the great legends of the past such as Roy Ayers, Sun Ra, Kraftwerk to Juan Atkins, Frankie Knuckles, Jazzanova, Gilles Peterson… To be honest I also listen to lots of new music everyday and very often I find some inspirational beats from not well known artists.

Does your cat like potatoes? If you don't have a cat, do you think it would or what else would it like?

Ahahahaha, sure! Who does not like potatoes?

Do you like Harrods?

Never been. Anyway I’m the kind of guy doing shopping in the little shop around the corner.

Which record labels should we be actively looking into?

In Southern Italy there are many labels that are doing great things, Out-er, Transition Lab, Recycle, Faust and others… If you don’t know them already you should have a look, on my opinion there is a lot of quality in their productions.

What can we expect to hear from you in the rest of 2015?

I will be back on Engrave Ltd soon with a remix for a new project we signed named Groove Squared. The release will includes also a remix from my partner Musumeci. I'm currently working on tracks for my new ep but this will probably be something for 2016.

Are you a kick drum, a hi hat or a snare and why?

Maybe a Kick Drum but don’t ask me why.

Anything you'd like to add?


Dodi Palese's Spirals EP is out on 15th June via Engrave Ltd.