Premiere: Docteur Satan – (666) 361 – 6794


There's probably a long list of people that you're hoping you don't see hovering over you as you wake up midway through a routine procedural operation; Dr Shipman, either Kray twin or, perhaps most terrifying of all, Mr Blobby. Oh, and then there's Satan – probably a sign that something has gone a bit pear-shaped.

Though Satan might not be the figure you want to trust your life with, you can trust Docteur Satan to put together some sounds in a way that'll kick-start your body back to life and get the blood running through your veins, more invigorated than ever before. This latest aural offering via I'm A Cliché sees the good doctor spin his sonic web through your mind as though you'd given him full control to do whatever he wanted to your poor brain. You won't suffer, you'll simply enjoy. The full EP is ace but we've been gifted this new beat number to share with you. 

Give in, you know it's the right thing to do;

Docteur Satan's self-titled EP is out now via I'm A Cliché.

Photo credit: Irwin Barbé