Premiere: DMX Krew – Non Euclidean Co-ordinates

5 Minute Read
NSA007 Art

Evil electro musings from the one they call DMX Krew.

They moved slowly across the desert sand, leaving a trail in their wake. The stars flickered up above against a deep coal sky, wispy and wondrous in the midst of the night. It might as well be night for the sun had never reached these parts, up on a distant planet far away from everything they’d ever known.

They’d been here for one week, amidst a barren landscape on the red ash. Perhaps this would one day become home but for now it felt as if everything was fighting against them in a bid to make them leave. Be it the cold wind of the morning or the raucous heat of the afternoon.

This was a wild world of a place.


DMX Krew continues his prolific form with the release of a new EP built upon deep, rugged, evil sounding electro for No Static / Automatic.

Listen below: