Premiere: Dmx Krew – Do It All Nite (Extended Version)


There's a question that has plagued mankind since time began and that question is, who's your favourite crew? I think the most popular choice to that  question would be So Solid Crew thanks to their inability to commit to anything over 21 seconds, which was all well and good in the glory days of garage but in the real world it basically makes every single one of them unemployable. "So Romeo, what would you say is your worst trait?" "Well for no reason whatsoever I'm only able to complete a job if it takes less than 21 seconds, not just in my work but in every aspect of my life. It's more a crippling OCD really that's had a devastating effect on my romantic life because I basically can't commit to anything long te…sorry time's up I gotta go." 

Or you could just say DMX Krew I suppose. 

Having previously welcomed releases on Rephlex Records DMX fuses jazz and Chicago house with classic G-funk for his part in the new Fresh Up Records compilation The 12" Album. As a bonus we have the exclusive premiere of 'Do It All Nite' which basically sounds like the internal monologue of Dam Funk thinking about how he's going to slow cook a pork joint.

Shove this in your ears and think about what you've done. 

Fresh Up Records is the brainchild of Ed DMX with their debut compilation The 12" Album set for release on 23rd November. Check out their Facebook and Soundcloud for future news.