Premiere: Djuma Soundsystem & Yann Coppier Feat King Ayisoba – Anyimu


The Mahaki tribe gathered around the ancient stones amidst the African trees. These last few days had been a celebration of the change in the seasons, the sands had begun to blow, the dusty winds swept through the air on the breeze. They raised their hands to the skies above and began to chant, one drum banged and banged and banged. The wind grew stronger and their voices carried far and wide. 

This record sees Djuma Soundsystem, Yann Coppier and King Ayisoba create a rather unusual Crosstown Rebels release. It incorporates the glitches of electronic music alongside a traditional world music aesthetic. Listen to the release below:

The release is set for the 12th of February. Follow Crosstown Rebels on Facebook HERE