Premiere: Djs Pareja – Mad Box


Take a hold of it. Tweak it when you feel the need, and let go when you have had too much. The former took hold and the latter rarely occured as the diminutive noise machine was passed around the room. As each gallant and gullible guest took their own moment in the spotlight, they experimented with abandon and allowed their synapses to take charge. And recharged they became, as the fizzy electronics gave spark to their own private filter and they grasped and twisted and bled the resonance from their soul.

Taken from their new 'Alto' EP, DJs Pareja bring us this cut. Named after a bargain bin synth bought in their hometown of Buenos Aires, the fuzzy noise and bent horn sound of said kit is like a nasty lysergic wasp in an upturned glass. With cheap, clattering and gated drum machines to boot, it's as mad as a box of techno Freddo's.

Djs Pareja – Alto is released by Cómeme on 21st October 2016 and can be pre-ordered HERE. Photo by Camila Marconi.


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