Premiere: DJCJ – Make Of The Geez


He walked amongst endless faces, down crowded passageways and corridors in the direction of the night. For the day was done and it was time to drown his sorrows in something sweet. On street corners they gathered, some lonely and alone, others amongst friends and loud voices. He managed to fake a smile, for it was not suitable for a man of his stature to frown. He was the life of the party, the lad of tomorrow, a breath of fresh air. As he marched through the old wooden doors into the drinking hole he let out a jovial shout, yet nobody knew what truly went on behind his eyes, for this was the make of the geez. 

Lifeforms are back with a two track EP from DJCJ, a rigorous electro affair designed to shake small clubs and bounce off the brickwork. This track is called ‘Make Of The Geez’ and it’s as euphoric and poignant as it is robust. 

Listen below: