Premiere: DJ Wachita China – 808 FUTURISTIC RAVE


The machine driven drums pushed steadily forward as the car raced against the hypergalactic sunset. Bright lights flashed all around as they sped off at the speed of light into the space age. A new abyss in which they would lose themselves and their souls was the final destination. An 808 futuristic rave with no turning back, the sound of drums would crash and bang all night long in the depths of a deep black hole. As the car travelled towards this destination, they pushed the pedal to the floor and raced forwards faster than ever before. 

Dj Wachita China is set to release a hot and heavy new EP on Berlin based record label Jupiter4. This ons isn't messing about, it's hard hitting and ruggedly built for the dancefloor and those who came to rave. 

Listen below: