Premiere: DJ Tess – Vault


The padlock had rusted beyond repair, they’d tried everything but it couldn’t be unlocked. As time went on and different tools and gadgets had failed their duty, curiosity began to build. Nobody knew what lay inside the vault, perhaps there was nothing at all, but for now they’d let their imagination run wild with dreams of forgotten treasure and piles of gold coins.

To kick off their newly founded label arm, Brighton-based party starters Accidental Meetings have called on friends and family, including those who’ve played their parties, for a huge compilation that touches on the sounds that will remain central to the label going forwards. Spawned from the restlessness that came with a year of no events and a pledge to keep themselves busy, the AM guys have pulled together 21 tracks that journey from electro to glitchy breaks, dancehall and broken techno, enlisting the skills of Chungo, Charles Green, Alexis, DJ Tess, ZaaZaa and Kincaid, to name but a few.

Buy HERE. Artwork: Ciaran Birch.