Premiere: Dj Hell – I Want You (Martin Matiske Remix)


In the dark room anything could happen. Men were at work, men were at play. As they danced through the night the speaker stacks began to wobble, rocking from side to side, much like those on the floor below. A disco ball spun up high casting a dotted glow into the shadowy corners of the room, only enough for you to be able to catch a split second glance of those lurking in the black. He moved through the crowd eagerly, filled with a bucketload of nervous excitement and desire. "I Want U" he whispered. 

Dj Hell returns! His latest EP "I Want U" is a dedication to gay culture packed with a proto techno twist. His track is then remixed by Martin Matiske and The Hacker. Listen to the Martin Matiske remix below: 

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