Premiere: DJ F16 Falcon – You Make Me Feel So Good


The train station was packed and crowded with people and travellers. Commuters moved and walked quickly in search of their platforms, the noise of the tannoy beckoned and echoed between the tall walls. As he walked between the pillars and the trains he headed in the destination of a qquiet corner where he might sit out of sight and out of mind to the prying world. It was here he would sit and lose himself for the night as the wild chaos and motion unfolded before him. He perched himself atop a small bench and noticed some writing etched on the wall which made him smile… 

“You make me feel so good…”

DJ F16 Falcon is a producer and dj from France, a musician who has been actively involved in a variety of escapades and projects previously, perhaps most notably as part of the noise and experimental music scene in Paris, running Undo distribution, a platform devoted to experimental underground labels, releasing music on the likes of In Paradisum records. 

Now he releases a new EP on Association Fatale, a slow moving dubbed out affair which lends a nod to punk and noise as much as it does dancehall. 

Listen below:

Visit the Association Fatale Bandcamp HERE