Premiere: DJ Dogg & Furious Frank – Acid City 3000


Her mind had been racing since she first laid her head on the pillow four hours ago. She couldn't seem to switch off. Instead she watched the hands of the clock move endlessly, each second feeling more like an hour. So many thoughts had cluttered her head that night she couldn't begin to disseminate them, so now she tried to think of nothing. Endless, empty thoughts with no beginning or end, with no problems or solutions. But the mind always wanders…

Following releases on Aussie labels like Butter Sessions, Ken Oath and Rhythm Works, last year Melbourne-based producer Furious Frank launched his own imprint, Mind Dance, self-inaugurating it with his Infinity Pool EP. For the second release, he teams up with his former collaborator DJ Fett Burger, under his DJ Dogg alias, for three "otherworldly acid squelchers for the late night lurkers".