Premiere: DJ Detox – Move Ahead


The coastline roads felt soft as he curved on his motorbike, bordering close to the edge that looked out to the intensely dark blue sea. Looking over his shoulder the sun glanced back like a tangerine-tinged iris, a monolith slowly submerging into the ocean. The route back to the city cut the coast with a number of sparse, small underpasses that would flash rhythmically and rapidly with off-white lights as he sped through. As he entered the motorway he could feel arid, dry air hit his skin; only the tunnels ahead seemed to give him some semblance of respite, with their vast white settings and their dim red and blue flashing lights.

Continuing their ethos of keeping it local, R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings welcomes DJ Detox for a release fully born and bred in their home city of Leipzig. His methodically-titled debut EP, RM12009, is a collection of wonderfully crafted breaks and future hardcore, with our pick, “Move Ahead”, cleverly balancing its hard-edged choppy vocal samples and breaks-filled techno with sweeping synths, to create a compelling entity of both past and future sounds.