Premiere: Dj Blasy – Deserto D’Acqua


There were soft ripples in the pond as the fluorescent light poured down from the glowing terraces up above. Inside the greenhouse the wild shadows from tropical trees danced against a glimmering backdrop of pale windows and the glow of the golden daylight outside. Onlookers watched as fish swam in the small pools of water, darting between each other in the hope of remembering where they were. This was a mystical, magical place and as he watched from his balcony up above, he pondered it all alone. 

Dj Blasy breathes a new lease of life into the label Planet Sundae who are back with a new record, their first of 2021. This is a mutant, balearic come house affair which doesn’t lend itself well to genre stereotypes. It’s a wholeheartedly intriguing record which delights and entices the senses.

Listen below: