Premiere: Dj Archaea – Bandwagon Esq (Facta Remix)


As it trundled into town the crowd began to get excited, they cheered and chanted in celebration at the arrival of the wonderful old machine. They’d been here before, not that they might ever remember it. Each fad and phase had come and gone with more desperate hype and overly zealous excitement than the last only to be washed up and replaced by something else the next week. This was the tale of the bandwagon, a never ending story for posers and eccentrics who pretended that they were something more, something first, something original. They were not. 

art-aud is a record label on which we keep a close eye, the Italian imprint has released a fine catalogue of material over the years and has featured the likes of Loraine James, The Horn, Mark Archer, Wedding Acid Group and more. 

The next release comes from Dj Archaea, an emerging producer from Tampa. The record is rounded off by two remixes, one of which is by Facta who delivers a dubbed out rework of ‘Bandwagon Esq’. 

Listen below: