Premiere: Dissemblance – Emutiex


In the dead of night something stirred the woman from her deep sleep. She'd awoken in a hot sweat, panting heavily and unable to place the time or her location. Bleary eyed, she fumbled around for a light switch trying to bring some sense to her surroundings. As the lights began to emit a warm glow she realised she didn't recognise where she was. It wasn't even a room, there was no bed, no window, no dressing table… just an expanse of space. Panic began to set in, was it just a dream or her reality? 

On her debut record Parisian artist Dissemblance joins the dots between 80s coldwave, gloom rock and pop song writing structures; an introduction to her hazy, haunting dream world. Set for release on Alessandro Adriani's Mannequin Records, Over The Sand, uses bass guitar, drum machines and haunting vocals to create ten eerie compositions that teeter on the edges of electronic pop. In the words of the label, this is one for the optimistic goths around the globe…