Premiere: Dimitri Veimar – Mm


A mysterious man, a monstrous mogul, a mythical machine. Mr. MM was the most difficult customer of all. He had escaped the force of the law for decades, some loved his raucous nature, some believed him to be a danger on the streets. All we knew about him was that he was a living legend, and by damn there wasn't many of those left to walk this town no more. He had become our idol old Mr. MM, whoever he was, wherever he was, we loved him. 

Dimitri Veimar is taking step by step to notoriety with a recent string of interesting releases. His latest output appears on Renate Schallplaten, the record label run by the infamous Berlin nightlife hostpot known for debauchery and intrigue. 'Lazy Trance' offers a spectacular soundtrack to such antics. Listen to 'MM' below:

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