Premiere: Dimitri From Paris & Dj Rocca – Zanzibar


Inching towards the clearing, the leopard tensed every fibre in his body, trying not to make any noise as he brushed up against the creepers he found himself hiding amongst. Just metres away now, his prey bathed in a miserable little puddle, utterly unknowing of the fate which was soon to befall him. Springing out of the thicket, the leopard claimed his prize.

Disco don and edit emperor Dimitri From Paris returns to Gomma with a new 3 track EP – his fourth release on the label, and this one is another collaboration with Italian producer DJ Rocca. We're premiering 'Zanzibar' which is an absolute pearler, thwacking along with huge drums, gloopy bass and sexy chanting. Listen below:

Erodiscotique EP4 is out 16th June on Gomma.

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