Premiere: Die Wilde Jagd – Morgenrot (Fangschuss Version)


Dawn had broken and the sun was beginning to rise beyond the hills. Burning reds and ambers illuminated the countryside; a natural wake up call for the inhabitants of the area, who were few and far between. Here, the skyscrapers, the cars and the whirring sirens of the city were a distant thought, almost an unimaginable reality. The farmer looked out over his land and smiled; this was his livelihood, his santuary, his whole lifes work. He'd never known any different…

In 2015 German group Die Wilde Jagd released their second body of work into the world in the form of Morgenrot. The group have forged their own brand of heady new wave and kraut, through blending live instrumentation and electronics. Minimood have picked up the track as part of their multidisciplinary fusion series and secured a strong horde of producers to put their own spin on the track. The remix package is incredibly varied from the fast paced, club-focused reimaginations of Rude 66 and Ancient Methods to floaty, ethereal and downtempo reworks from Roman Flugel, Steve Bug and Fangschuss.