Premiere: Deux Control – Pantera


Under the veil of night the creature slinked its way through the jungle, its bright yellow eyes like precious gems sunken amidst its silky black coat. This was their territory, and they ruled over it with pride, chasing out any intruders that dared cross their path. They lived off the fear they instilled within their fellow inhabitants, it gave them strength and feeded their arrogance — the unchallenged king of the jungle.

Following the release of In Fields album at the end of last year, Hoga Nord charge into 2021 with another long player, this time from duo Deux Control AKA Rodion and Justine. One for the French/Italian disco fans, the nine tracks across Sex Miami marry smooth 808s and enchanting vocals with EBM influences à la DAF or Nitzer Ebb. Coining their own synth-laden sound – let’s call it psychedelic electric body-disco – the pair hark back to the 80s with a soundtrack that was probably too edgy for Miami Vice…