Premiere: Detroit’s Filthiest – What Lies Beneath


Jealousy would soon become her; every waking thought seemed to revolve around his movements — where he ate, where he drank, where he “worked”. She knew something had changed. Call it a sixth sense. There had been too many giveaways; minor slip ups that stuck in her mind. She would confront him, eventually, but at the moment the fear of what could come afterwards was to crippling…

Glasgow’s Avoidant Records, brought to you by the minds behind Soma Records, return with a lengthy compilation that showcases the past, present and future of electro. Bringing together 17 artists, the release features electro figureheads Carl Finlow and The Advent; past Avoidant artists like Autnomous and PinballSpider; the likes of Annie Hall and DJ Frankie flying the flag for the new generation, and Detroit veterans DJ K-1, Detroit In Effect & Detroit’s Filthiest who hurtles full pelt into the distance with a driving electro cut.