Premiere: Detroit Swindle Ft. Seven Davis Jr – Flavourism (Pépé Bradock’s Urgent Spookapella)


The ice cream parlour was closed for one hour at midday during the week. It was at this point the gang would choose to break in, in search of delicate flavourism and under the spooky cover of the darkened shopfront. Inside lay a world of exotic treats and exciting prospects they had yet to discover. In the height of summer there was little better than the cool refreshing flavour of the cream… The sun would have its way in no time and melt all that remained. This was a sweet moment of bliss. 

Detroit Swindle are set to release a new album at the end of May on their own Heist Recordings imprint. Ahead of that they have unveiled a new single featuring Seven Davis Jr. which is accompanied by a remix from none other than French pioneer Pepe Bradock. Listen below: 

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