Premiere: Destrata – Actuate

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Nothing seemed to start today; from lifting his head off the pillow to tricking his mind into thinking the day ahead would actually be productive.

Going back to bed felt like the only feasible option; the only way to erase these thoughts and start back at square one. Sometimes shutting off from the world before rejoining was all that was needed to set the wheels in motion again.

Following their first foray into releasing a full EP, London-based non-profit label Shubzin get back to basics with the fourth instalment of their VA charity compilation series. This time they’ve invited 14 new producers to contribute original tracks that range from jungle to leftfield bass and experimental — and, as always, it’s for a very good cause.


After raising money for several different charities through their previous comps, they now focus their support on Sisters Uncut, a charity who challenges gendered violence and government cuts to social and community services, and who were instrumental in leading the Kill the Bill marches against new draconian changes to policing and prison laws.