Premiere: Desert Sound Colony – Budapest


The morning brought with it a thick grey fog that hung in the air, casting a dark shadow over the city. It felt as if the night had never left. The only warm glow came from the street lamps that lined the cobbled pavements as the man walked the usual journey back to his home. As he turned the corner he stopped in his tracks, an expression of bemusement spread across his face. In this light the streets looked unfamiliar, he didn't recognise the towering buildings and shop signs that hung overhead. He felt lost, unsure of which path ahead of him he should choose…

Holding Hands boss Desert Sound Colony is gearing up for his next release on new South-East London imprint Scenic Route, an extension of the party run by friends and DJs Bryce's Brother, Jon Phonics and Sean OD. The Cartographer EP, which also features a collab with close pal Guava, is three tracks of signature DSC; bumpy shuffling UKG-influenced rollers.