Premiere: Denney – On & On (Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s Remix)


We all know those sort of people that go on and on endlessly, unable to sense the vibe of the room has changed to a general feeling of disdain or disinterest. In any social situation it's key to know exactly when you should stop talking and let someone else step in, yet some people still seem incapable of doing this. Maybe you should start carrying a handy sign with you to parties, just so that you can let them know without having to blurt out 'WILL YOU BE QUIET MICHAEL?' in front of everyone.

To the matter at hand then and there's a tasty remix from this week's Guest Editor Justin Robertson for you to wrap your ears around. Get ready for him to put his own spin on the latest sounds from Denney, resulting in a finished product that truly brings out the best of both of their sounds. Tune yourself in right here;

On & On is out on 30th October via VIVa MUSIC.