Premiere: Delta Rain Dance – I.D.E.S.


His eyes were tired as he looked out upon the sprawling landscape before him. Sat upon his small porch he watched as the world whizzed by before him, planes flew overhead between countries, cars passed by between towns and hitchikers hoped they might hail a lift some place along the way. The night was coming, soon the land would be dark and there would be no place left for him but bed. His dreams had haunted him for a long time, he had struggled with insomnia and fear for as long as he could remember. Would this night be the same?

Delta Rain Dance is an alias of Glenn Astro, a producer with whom many will be familiar. However, under this alias he unleashes a wonderful new potential as he focusses more towards experimental electronics. This track, taken from his new LP "spykes", is reminiscent of old Detroit inspired sounds.

It's bloody brilliant. 

Listen below: