Premiere: Delay Grounds – Glass Refract


She squinted up at the sun through her fingers; it had been a lifetime since she’d felt the heat on her face. It changed everything; her mood, her conversations, even her willingness to get out of bed in the morning. Scrolling through the week’s forecast, sun and blue skies filled each day; giving her assurance that her mind and body would thrive.

Bristol-based sound artist and producer Delay Grounds is “compelled to work with abstraction”, an approach he channels wholeheartedly on his newest release ‘Upcycling’. Working alongside artist Liz Naden, the pair have created an audio-visual concept using rubbish found in skips; Delay Ground producing organic electronic sounds, while Naden crafted unique sculptures. A forward-thinking project that ‘upcycles’ the regular artistic mediums, encouraging a narrative and an understanding between the pair, in Delay Grounds words it “enabled us both to explore our own creative potential and create a work with layers of depth which we were not initially aware of before.”