Premiere: Deesigner – Too Many LFOs


The leaves of the trees formed a canopy that stretched far across the woods, allowing for small slivers of sunlight to cascade on the floor. The intricate shadows were reminiscent of doilies, beautiful patterns flickering upon the thick grass. This was the perfect place to embark on her first trip, the surroundings were calm and quiet, it was a feast for the senses. The hands of her watch clicked loudly, she watched intensely as each second passed by. It had been almost an hour since they'd taken it. As she averted her gaze to the sky, watching the leaves above dance in unison, her body began to feel fuzzy. What adventures lay before her she could not begin to comprehend…

From Offenbach, a suburb on the fringes of Frankfurt, DJ Slyngshot and DJ Neewt run their label Yappin'. We've not heard much from the former in a while, but it turns out he's been hard at work in the studio making music under his new moniker Deesigner. A departure from his previous releases, his new EP CY-309 sees Slyngshot opt for a sludgier tripped-out approach working with deep low frequencies and acid synth lines.