Premiere: Deep88 – Rotation


The wheels were in motion and the cogs beneath the bonnet sprung into life. This was the biggest race of his career, of his life, and his existence thus far. The rotation beneath the car had begun, and he moved forward. The crowds who had gathered to watch became a distant blur as he whizzed past with rapid speed. His head clattered against the inside of his helmet and his blood began to boil, the race now truly underway. The engines roared as he overtook each competitor, they whirred and the wind rattled against the speedy machine. 

Alessandro Pasini is certainly on to something with this one. As the founder of 12 Records and under the moniker of Deep88 he has been producing music for around six years now. He has been carefully crafting a sound which carries depth, emotion and energy and as a result has produced distinctive house music to a quality which is rare to find in the present day. 'Rotation' and The Black Album as a whole are representative of this. Listen Below: 

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