Premiere: Das Spezial – Alpas


The tap dripped continuously, echoing around the small concrete room. She hadn't bothered asking anyone to fix it, she found it rather comforting now. This room was her sanctuary, at least that's what she told herself. It's the only place she knew. As she gazed out of the barred window, she imagined what she would be doing were she not cooped up here. This was a daily routine. She needed to remember what it felt like to be free, a time when these four walls hadn't been her home… 

UK producer Das Spezial might have only released his first EP into the world last year but he's already had a big impact in that short time. He's since followed up his debut with another three EPs, all channelled through his own label SPEZIAL, which is also the home of his new release Ouevre. Focusing on psychedelic electronics, his sound pulls from many corners of the musical spectrum and on this EP results in two dark, mind-bending cuts that will cause a stir on the dance floor.