Premiere: Das Komplex – Maybe There


It was darkness when they rose from their slumber, barely a sliver of sunshine poking its head above the horizon. They fumbled around as they made their way out the door and on to the dimly lit street. It wasn't a long journey to the foot of the mountain but beyond that the walk ahead would be long and testing. You had to put a little work in to reap the rewards and hey knew that the beautiful sights that awaited them at the top would make it all worthwhile…

Over the last four years, since his first release on Maciek Sienkiewicz's FASRAT imprint, Das Komplex has become one of the most respected producers in his home country of Poland. He's since gone on to put out music on labels like Love On The Rocks and People Must Jam, continuing to flaunt his own signature brand of hazy sample-based house. His next release, Reverse Hallucination, finds a home on Artur8, Anton Klint & Edvin E's freshly founded King Of Kong imprint, which launched last year, and sees him bring four soul-infused tracks peppered with dreamy synths, percussive grooves and deep bass riffs.