Premiere: Daniel T – Celsius (Lauer Remix)


The temperature was ferociously hot in the dark basement. Outside the sun was at its highest peak and the concrete was smouldering under the blistering rays. Underground, it was much the same bar the lack of light. This was by choice and not an accident. Nobody liked to dance in the eye of others judgement, hence the shadows were best for such fun. As the room begin to fill it was remarkable to watch the people shed their clothes, layer by layer they became more free. The sweat dripped from above. 

Daniel T steps up with two tracks for the fun loving Cosmic Pint Glass label. He is accompanied by Lauer and Jack Pattern who offer a set of spectacular alternatives to his own arrangements. Listen to Lauer's interpretation of "Celsius" below: 

Buy the release HERE.  Follow Daniel T on Soundcloud HERE.

He will appear across Europe at the following..

2/2 Jolene Bar, Copenhagen. Tonight!
3/2 Dalstone Superstore, London
4/2 Charlie, Munich 

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