Premiere: Daniel Avery – The Sovereignty Centre


You could hardly make it through the door, let alone to the bar… From wall to wall, friendly faces both old and new talked hurriedly, making up for the lost time they’d spent sitting in their pants in front of the telly, longing for that first schooner. The music buzzed and excited voices rose and fell till the dreaded final orders arrived; you’d never leave here disappointed but you might not remember leaving at all…

Our favourite London boozer have taken their first steps into the label world with ‘Gun Aid’, a 14-track release featuring music from card-carrying members of the pub — it just so happens that the majority of their nearest and dearest double up as cracking producers and musicians too. Across the LP, you’ll find contributions from Róisín Murphy, Ivan Smagghe and C.A.R, Nathan Gregory Wilkins and Quinn Whalley, and many more friendly faces who’ve regularly graced the pub over the years.

Ahead of the release of the full compilation, The Gun tease a four-track EP titled ‘Time At The Vortex’, which features tracks from Daniel Avery, Scott Fraser, Cherrystones and GLOK, with a portion of the proceeds going to Hackney Quest, a charity working with local families.